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With the improvement of living standards, promoting the "hot water civilization" life, providing environmental protection, health, safety, a large number of continuous hot water has become a trend, and these are precisely the inherent advantages of air source heat pump water heaters; , With the improvement of residential conditions, high-rise residential buildings, large residential area more and more, air-source heat pump water heater with its small size, easy installation, sustainable water supply characteristics compared to other water heaters more easily integrated with residential Combine and meet the needs of water products. Then the air heat pump water heater will generally appear what fault? First, the compressor surface frosting Failure Analysis: Expansion may be caused by the temperature package off, or the expansion valve failure, or chip stuck, temperature settings, or refrigerant preparation is not enough. Diagnosis: Re-adjust the inside of the device, replace the thermal expansion valve, temperature package needs to be re-adjusted, and pay attention to cleaning checks. Second, the unit does not turn, no display Failure Analysis: Power may be the fault or blown fuse, thermal overload protector burned and the power cord loose. Diagnosis: First power off, then check the power switch, update the power cord, as well as the unit check. Third, the compressor noise fault analysis: the machine part of the pipeline loose loose vibration, thermal expansion is too large, the oil pressure is too low, or the muffler damage. Diagnosis: Adjust the thermal expansion valve opening degree, check the compressor pipe fastening, replacement of oil, muffler. Once the air heat pump water heater more than failure, you can condemnation. For more information, please contact Asia Fluid Network, we will sincerely answer your questions.

1050 1060 1100 1235 belong to pure aluminum.The content of Al is above 99.5%.Thickness of Aluminum Sheet is from 0.2mm to 200mm.The width is from 500mm to 2000mm and the length is from 500mm to 9000mm.The corrosion resistance of 1050 1060 1100 1235 alloy is the highest among all of the series.But the strength of this kind alloy is not strong enough.
The application:
1. Lighting and decorative lighting
2. Solar reflector
3. Architectural appearance
4. Interior deoration: ceiling, building wall,roofing,photo frame and so on.
5. Furniture,cabinet
6. Elevator
7. Label,nameplate,luggage
8. Decoration of the inside and outside of car
9. Domestic appliance such as freidge, microwave and so on
10.  Aerospace and military applications such as aircraft manufacturing, spacecraft manufacturing, artificial satellite and so on.
3003 3004 3005 3105 have excellent rust-proof capability.The basis content is Manganese element.This alloy is widly used in humid environment. Such as freigde,air conditioner and vehicle bottom. 3000 series price is higher than 1000 series.
5005 5052 5754 have low density and they have high tensile strength.and high elongation.They are widly used in aircraft tank and other oxidation deep processing.
8011 is the most common alloy used as cap material.And also used as radiator material. This alloy is used mostly as foil.

Aluminum Plain Sheet

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