How to make lightning protection work in rural areas

Thunderbolt is a very irregular natural phenomenon. It is also difficult to accurately calculate and predict the damage and damage it brings to human beings. Especially in our country, the loss of property and people caused by lightning strikes is huge each year. The rural areas are the worst-hit areas in our country. Farmers are the most severely affected by meteorological disasters. According to surveys, more than 90% of those killed by lightning strikes are farmers. Therefore, it is particularly urgent and important to strengthen popular science for lightning prevention in rural areas and adopt effective lightning protection measures.
To do a good job in rural lightning protection, there are the following main points:
1. Selection of housing location:
The location of the house should be chosen in such a way as to avoid the above-mentioned "impact-to-landmine area". The so-called "impact-to-mine area" refers to the location of the topography, which is prominent in the surrounding landforms; it is adjacent to the wet and wet grass areas; it is in the upwind direction of the windward side; Areas where metal minerals are underground; areas under or near high-voltage power lines in the power system.
2. Grounding treatment of steel bars in building materials 3. Power line processing in the home The power lines installed in the open air are susceptible to lightning induced lightning voltage. If the induced lightning voltage enters the room along the power line, it may easily cause damage to electrical equipment and personnel. For the erection of 380/220V power lines, standard insulators shall be used, and the primary power supply or secondary power lightning protector shall be installed in the power distribution box.
4. For weak equipment such as telephones, televisions, computers, etc., a signal lightning arrester should be installed at the front of the signal line.
5. For washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., it is recommended to install a three-level power surge protector on the power supply line.
The above is a brief introduction of Xiao Bian on "how to prevent lightning in rural areas". For more information on lightning protection and lightning protection products, Baidu search (Kejia Lightning Protection) can be found.

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