How to match cork flooring

Cork flooring is more artistic than other types of flooring. Cork flooring can usually be combined with a variety of patterns and colors, which is an important part of the home decoration, especially for those villas or mansions, the color of the floor is integrated with the other furnishings of the house, so that The house looks more beautiful and tidy.

Cork flooring varies according to the purpose of use, and the matching methods are also various. For example, the cork flooring on the basketball court is because the cork flooring is elastic, safe and beautiful, and the cork flooring can be painted into various patterns; The use of cork flooring in the home is generally for the decoration of the house, making the house more beautiful and comfortable; the cork flooring is also used more on the kitchen floor, because the cork flooring has the characteristics of elasticity and safety, as well as anti-slip and anti-conducting functions. . Cork flooring is more convenient to maintain. Usually, cork flooring can be changed in half a year or once a year. Usually, it can be cleaned with a mop.

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