Jianmei and Feng Aluminum which is good for breaking aluminum doors and windows

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are not very strange to us. We will consider what materials to use when we build a house, and the bridge aluminum is the first choice for many people. When we went shopping, we found that there are many brands of broken aluminum doors and windows. How do we choose? So which is good for Jianmei and Feng Aluminum? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at Jianmei and Feng Aluminum. And the purchase skills of broken aluminum doors and windows!


Which is good for Jianmei and Feng Aluminum?

Strong features:

1. Use national inspection-free aluminum - Jianmei aluminum (aluminum hardness, surface oxidation treatment, toughness, alloy content all meet international standards.)

2. The panel quality is excellent (using new decorative materials, all meet the requirements of green environmental protection: fireproof, moisture proof, mildewproof.)

3. Safety tempered glass (using 5mm10mm tempered glass, simple atmosphere, durable and safe, good lighting effect.)

4. The appearance is beautiful (the style is very different, the horizontal and vertical aluminum materials are connected with each other, and the corners and the surrounding edges are handled very carefully.)

5. The wiring function is powerful (the kicking can be routed, no need to pre-embed the line pipe in advance, convenient for maintenance and flexible addition.)

Feng Aluminum Features:

1. High-strength: Bridge aluminum window of Feng Aluminum Door and Window This product has strong tensile strength and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation. The durable and broken aluminum profile is not easy to be attacked by acid and alkali, and it is not there will be the kind of yellowing discoloration phenomenon, we can say this is not how the product maintenance.

2, good waterproof: Feng aluminum doors and windows are designed using the principle of pressure balance, sliding design is inclined stepped, so they have a good drainage function.

3, good fireproof: Feng aluminum doors and windows overall structure It is made of aluminum alloy, and aluminum alloy will not burn, so the fire performance is relatively good.

4, good security: Feng aluminum door and window design has anti-loose device, if coupled with this hardware lock, it can be said that it has a good anti-theft function.


Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows purchase tips:

See the materials:

The aluminum profiles used for high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, thickness, strength and oxide film shall comply with the relevant national standards. The wall thickness of the inelastic assembly structure shall be 1.4 mm or more.

Look at processing:

High-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, fine processing, exquisite installation, good sealing performance, and easy to switch. Inferior aluminum doors and windows, aluminum series blind selection and specifications, machining crudely, instead of milling to saw cutting, not required by the installation, sealing performance is poor, the switch is not comfortable, and leaks occur not only glass burst leakage phenomenon, and In the case of strong winds and external forces, it is easy to scrape or knock down the push-pull parts or the glass, causing damage to people.

Look at the price:

Under normal circumstances, high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows due to high production costs, the price is about 30% higher than inferior aluminum alloy doors and windows. Some have aluminum alloy doors and windows made of aluminum profiles with a wall thickness of only 0.6-0.8 mm.

For the purchase of broken aluminum doors and windows, we need to know a lot of relevant knowledge, only in this way will we buy better doors and windows. The above is the small beauty of today's Jianmei and Feng Aluminum which is good and the buying skills of the broken aluminum doors and windows are here to end. To learn more, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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