Red light to lock the car door

Red light to lock the car door The road meets the red light, and the parking is waiting a bit. I don't want the sound of a "bang" coming from the tail. However, when the owner turned his head and looked back, the assets on the co-pilot had already disappeared. Recently, the victim warned the police of the Tianhe River that he had encountered a "car racer" while driving and had been robbed of an iPhone5 mobile phone. The Tianhe Police subsequently uncovered the case and took down a gang that specially took possession of the contents of the main vehicle through the “slap door” form and seized four criminal suspects like Zhang Mokui and cracked five similar cases.

The rear end of the car was nowhere to be seen. At 18 o'clock on May 14, Ms. Leong, the driver, drove home from work. When she reached a junction in the Tianhe District, she encountered a red light and stopped. At this time, she suddenly heard the sound of a "bang" slap in her car's tail, and then turned around to see the sound of a man is patting the rear of his car. Ms. Liang leaned forward and was waiting to be questioned, but she saw that the man was also flying.

“Bewildered!” Ms. Liang mumbled and turned to look, but found his mobile phone on the co-pilot was gone. It is a newly purchased mobile phone, spent more than 5,500 yuan! After careful consideration, Ms. Liang found out that as soon as her probe went out to look at the “click” sound, it seemed that someone had come in with a hand from the window of the co-pilot.

"Is there a 'car family'?" Ms. Liang took a query and immediately drove to the nearby Lin and police station.

Wandering the traffic lights at the rear of the car "Tune the tiger away from the mountain"

On May 17th, the special group’s civilian police officers divided themselves into two teams. They captured Zhang Huikui (35 years old) and Weng Mou (36 years old) of the Huili County hometown criminal suspects in a square in the new city of Baiyun District and a street in the Tianhe Chezhe Street. ), Zhang (42) and Hwang (45) broke five similar cases and destroyed the gang.

After review, the suspects Zhang Mowai and others confessed that the four of them often wandered at traffic light intersections. When the red light came on, they were interspersed into groups waiting for the green light. Look for a car with windows open and belongings in the passenger seat or in the rear seats.

After the target was locked down, the gangs started to work together: one beat the back or side of the car and diverted the driver's attention; one man took the opportunity to go in and steal the belongings on the front passenger seat or the back seat. If they are discovered by the victim, they will even steal it and take it away.

Upon inquiry, the criminal suspects Zhang Mokui and 4 others all had criminal criminal records. All of them were sentenced to criminal punishment for similar crimes, of which 2 were released shortly after being released from prison.

■ The police reminded the driver of congestion and noticed that in the case of the locked doors and windows, the criminal suspect used the victim to leave the car window, intentionally tapping the tail or side of the car to divert the attention of the victim, and then waited to steal or even snatch the victim’s exposed property. The police reminded drivers that when driving, do not put wallets, mobile phones, computers and other valuables on the window, but also “lock out” the doors and do not lower all the windows.

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