Smartphone Home Security App Popularization

Smartphone Home Security App Popularization According to statistics, China now has a population of 1.3 billion, at least 350 million families, and each family invests an average of 1,000 yuan in the security field. For example, advanced door locks and anti-theft alarms, etc., and their market cakes are indispensable. In fact, many people invest far more than 1,000 yuan in security protection to protect their homes. The application of smart phones in home security systems is becoming more and more popular, and remote control of smart homes is within easy reach.

Smart phone timely monitoring necessity

According to information released by the police, the number of cases of burglary at home is currently high, and it is showing an upward trend year by year. Of particular concern is the fact that burglary cases present new features. First, high-end communities are increasingly the hardest hit of the theft. The reason is that many high-end communities seem to have more security, but they are similar in name; Second, the theft cases have developed into homicides. The trend of the case, burglary in Nanjing, Hefei, and Shanghai, eventually turned into a murder, causing serious social impact.

The main reason for the high incidence of burglary cases is that, on the one hand, criminals committing crimes to refurbish and use high-tech to open anti-theft doors, for example, the popular tin foil unlocking method now takes more than 10 seconds to open the anti-theft locks. On the other hand, most homes do not have anti-theft alarms installed. According to the survey, only 10% of households have installed alarms. Even so, due to technical or installation reasons, false positives and false negatives often occur.

The huge market demand has attracted many security companies to enter the field of home security, and launched a variety of products that claim to be powerful, such as so-called fingerprint locks, biometric locks, etc. However, the effect is not ideal in actual use, and the theft cases are still high Many families still agonize.

Zhang Dawei, a professor at the Public Security University of China, stated that to solve the problem of burglary, resident families must first have a sense of safety precautions, and usually have to go outside to lock their doors and windows, and they must also be equipped with anti-theft alarm devices. Secondly, we must establish a scientific family security system. We must establish a three-dimensional defense system with sensors as the core and video surveillance as the backing, aiming at diversified methods of crime prevention by multiple criminals. The wireless smart home launched by Nanjing Wulian, with smart sensors such as smart locks, magnetic sensors, and window magnetic sensors, has cracked down on burglary crimes and has been piloted in Anhui, Jiangxi, and Fujian, with good results.

Smartphone Home Security App Popularization

According to the analysis, the mobile phone has changed five aspects of life: 1. Time consumption (113 minutes/day), over the Internet (106 minutes/day), approaching TV (144 minutes/day), 2. Mobile devices used throughout the day, before bedtime And the frequency of using mobile phones while watching TV is the largest. 3, mobile consumer activities are diverse, and search and social networking are the most used. 4. Mobile advertising influences purchase decisions, is lower than TV, and remains at the same level as computers5, and affects consumer behavior.

In the field of home appliances, the use of mobile phones to control television is nothing new. Currently, TVs from multiple vendors on the market have been able to use the Android system for remote control. What Apple needs to do is to launch corresponding App applications on the AppStore. Through AppleTV, etc. to achieve interconnection and television interconnection. Looking further into the future, it has become possible to launch home water heaters, rice cookers, and heating systems in the office through the Apple iMac, iPhone, iPad and other devices before work.

In terms of home lighting systems, the blueprint pictured by UMC International is: Home lighting can realize automatic control of multiple lighting modes, such as automatic control of the overall lighting in sleep mode, theater mode, and work mode. As a control terminal, iMac, iPhone, iPad a huge user base advantage, I believe that any home lighting system provider will not be ignored.

Smart homes involve the remote control of doors and windows, kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, and home electronics. But the first point to be made is that Apple does not have the need to do these household appliances by itself. Instead, it adopts a method of cooperation with various manufacturers to realize smart homes. Apple only needs to work hard on the software and then go Negotiations of household goods manufacturers, with a wide user base and strong brand resources as the basis for negotiation, believe that it is not a problem to persuade manufacturers to support Apple's applications to manipulate their equipment.

UMC International's Android system interface is simpler and more concise, at a glance, click to switch scenes, perform tasks such as "home", "away from home", "sleep", "sports" and other scenarios under the scene settings, and also Various scenes can be added, modified, deleted, and other operations. In the specified scene, the scene-related devices can also be added, deleted, timed, and even linked control. Once set, the operation will be automatically performed in the future. Can perfectly cultivate the user's healthy lifestyle.

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