Solar street light overcharge and overdischarge protection

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In the application of solar street lights, attention should be paid to the overcharge and overdischarge of their batteries. The so-called overcharge control is to disconnect the charging circuit when the battery is overcharged, and the overdischarge control is to disconnect the discharging circuit when the battery is in an overdischarged state. This is done to protect the battery and extend it. Service life. The basis for judging overcharge and overdischarge is the change of the battery voltage: When the sun shines on a sunny day, the energy absorbed by the solar photovoltaic panel is charged to the battery via the relay switch normally closed point. When the battery voltage is higher than 26V, the battery In the overcharged state, the relay switch is normally closed and the normally open point is closed. The charging circuit is automatically disconnected to stop charging the battery and achieve the overcharge protection function. At night, the battery supplies power to the street lamp when the battery voltage is lower than 22V. The battery is in an over discharge state. The relay switch is switched from the normally closed point to the normally open point. The discharge circuit is automatically disconnected, and the power supply to the load (street lamp) is stopped, and the over-discharge protection function is realized.

Use and performance of Graphite electrodes


Used in steelmaking electric arc furnace, refining furnace, as conductive electrode; Used for industrial silicon furnace, phosphorus furnace and corundum furnace, as conductive electrode.


High resistance to thermal shock and high mechanical strength


High Power Graphite Electrode (SHP) high power Graphite Electrode (UHP) with high power graphite electrode (HP) with high power graphite electrode (R

Precautions for use of graphite electrodes

1. According to the capacity of the electric furnace and the load of transformer, the grade and diameter of the electrode are suitable

2. When loading the electric furnace, the bulk charge shall be placed in the bottom of the furnace so as not to break the electrode. In the process of smelting, the lime should not be conductive. Large masses of objects are concentrated directly below the electrode, otherwise it will affect the electrode and even cause the electrode to break.

3. Attention should be paid to the position of the furnace cover. If the furnace cover is offset, the cover of the furnace will be blown on the lifting electrode, causing the electrode to be damaged.

4. When connecting the electrode, if the defect of joint bolt is found, the connection should be made after replacement

5. After the electrodes are connected, if there is a gap in the connection surface, it is important to find out the reason

6. The electrode should be used vertically.

7. The electrode holder shall be sandwiched between the upper and lower levels of the top electrode, and shall not be sandwiched between the warning line and the middle electrode. Otherwise, the electrode column is easily broken

8. The raw materials and production techniques of different manufacturers may vary. The physical and chemical properties of the electrode are also different, and it is recommended that the joints and electrodes produced by different manufacturers should not be used in a different way.

High Power Graphite Electrode

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