The advantages and disadvantages of gas floor heating

Especially in the north, floor heating must be installed during home improvement. There are many types of floor heating currently on the market, and gas floor heating is currently common. Many people will also choose to install this way, so that the indoor temperature can be improved. Gas-fired floor heating is caused by burning gas and heating up, but it also requires a certain cost, so what is the monthly cost of gas floor heating? What are the advantages and disadvantages of gas floor heating? Gas floor heating is due to the use of natural gas as the main energy supply, the price It is not high, it can be said that it is a product that is very suitable for mass consumers. It can be said to be inexpensive. Next, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of gas floor heating.

The advantages and disadvantages of gas floor heating

Gas floor heating advantages:

1, gas heating and heating comfort, but also healthy. The heating method is heating from the bottom up, feeling heat from the feet, and then passing it to the head. This kind of transfer method makes us feel comfortable and conforms to the concept of human health.

2, gas floor heating is very energy-efficient. It is more energy-efficient than other heating devices, and the floor heating temperature is 19°C to 21°C, which ensures the comfort of the human body. Other heating equipment must reach 24°C to achieve the same effect. In this way, the energy consumption is intuitively understood.

3, the gas floor will not take up space in the room. Installed under the ground, does not occupy the use of the area, it will not affect the decoration.

4, floor radiation heat. Surface temperature is even, giving people a feeling of cool head and cold; it is not easy to cause contaminated air, improve blood circulation, and promote metabolism.

5, good thermal stability. Due to the large heat storage on the ground floor, the thermal stability is good and the indoor temperature changes slowly.

The disadvantages of gas floor heating:

1, gas heating construction is complicated. Because it is hidden under the ground, construction is inconvenient. Therefore, all the pre-embedded systems are completed before construction. Therefore, the requirements for decoration are high.

2, gas floor heating to the next room has certain restrictions. Because after the installation, the construction work will not be performed on the ground, there are certain restrictions on the renovation of the house.

How much does it cost to warm up a month?

1, one hundred square meters to six or seven thousand / month, the monthly cost depends on the frequency of use, but definitely more than air-conditioning power.

2, natural gas for heating, 2 yuan / cube, according to the size of the heating area to charge. 100 square meters, floor heating costs 1,200 yuan / month.

3, floor heating is not recommended to install. There are two main points, 1. In case of bad repairs, the second floor cooling floor bake to increase the formaldehyde volatilization of the floor. Traditional wall-mounted radiators can be considered. 100 square meters, about 1,500 yuan/month.

Editor's summary: Gas floor heating is very suitable for modern people's heating. As long as you can use gas, including natural gas users, you can buy a wall-hung boiler and then install it in your own home. What needs to be reminded is that installing gas-fired floor heating can't be ignored. We must ask professional staff to help with it, and we must also purchase pipes of good quality and can be used for a long time. After installation, there will be no problem in the future, so that users may be completely relieved.

Gas heating

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