The importance of safe maintenance of bag filter in Zhangzhou Pinhao Thermal Power Plant

Baochao dust collectors for thermal power plants produced by Pingyao are widely used in power plants, mining, metallurgy, chemical, cement, pharmaceutical, food and other industries as environmental purification and product recycling equipment. In recent years, the bag filter has been widely used in the dust removal of thermal power plants, and has achieved good dust removal and purification effects. Dust pollution in our country's thermal power plants occupies a large proportion. Coal-fired boilers in thermal power plants consume about 50 million tons of standard coal per year, which means that a large amount of dusty fumes will be produced. With the continuous development of China's society and economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the country's standards for smoke and dust emissions will become more and more strict. Therefore, these flue gases require a dust collector for purification treatment. After several years of use and understanding of the dust collector, it is expected that the bag filter will be greatly developed in the future.

The use of bag filter in thermal power plant can meet the dust removal requirements of users and ensure that the emission meets the standards set by the state. The coal-fired boiler dust collector of environmentally friendly production can better meet the user's use environment and achieve the most efficient dust removal effect.

丞Environmental protection has designed and produced the bag filter for thermal power plants for many years, and in order to improve the safety and maintenance of the users, 丞Environmental Protection provides you with a full range of services. If you encounter any problems encountered during the process We consult, our company will solve it for you in time, and look forward to working with you.

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