The specific construction steps of the beautiful seam glue

When we lay the tiles, we will leave gaps between the adjacent tiles. If the tiles are tightly squeezed together, the tiles will be broken for a long time, and it will be difficult to take them out when it needs to be refurbished. So what should I do with this tile seam? I can’t leave it there. It’s too unattractive. I recommend a nice thing to everyone today, that is, the beautiful seam glue , the decoration home network first come to Let me introduce you.


First, what is the beauty glue

The beauty seam glue is an upgraded product of the joint grouting agent, and the decorative practicality of the beautiful seam glue is obviously superior to the color sealant. Solved the problem of unsightly and dirty black tiles. The traditional sew glue is applied to the surface of the caulking agent. The new sew glue does not require a caulking agent as the bottom layer, and can be directly added to the gap of the tile after the tile is bonded. Suitable for gap filling of 2mm or more, the construction is more convenient than the ordinary type, and it is an upgraded product of the caulking agent.

Second, the concrete construction steps

1. First horizontal and vertical: clean the gap of the tile, about 0.8mm groove; the sides of the groove are exposed on the sides of the tile; ps: the intersection must be cleaned up;

2, clean the dust inside the gap of the tile: use a vacuum cleaner or broom to sweep clean; must ensure that the tile gap is not wet, no dust, particles;

3, take out the corresponding color of the seam glue: tear off the label on the butt, stick it to the beautiful seam glue bottle, pull the pull ring. Let the beautiful seam glue stand on the ground, take the mouth of a beautiful seam glue in the left hand, and place it down on the discharge opening of the beautiful seam glue.

4. Cover the left hand holding the nozzle with a wet towel, and tap the nozzle with a right hand to make it open the mouth of the beautiful seam. Or use a pointed object to directly open the mouth of the beautiful seam glue;

5, but pay attention to prevent the beautiful glue sprayed onto the wall, ceiling or body; screw the spout to the discharge port of the beautiful seam glue; put the glue gun; prepare to glue; use a wet towel to wet the sides of the tile gap Tile; but the tile gap must be clean and dry

6, play a beautiful seam glue: for beginners can first hit 20cm - 50cm; gradually become skilled; can play a longer length; then put the glue gun flat; the nozzle below the pick-up board to catch;

7. Scratch the beautiful seam glue: the water scraper is used to hold the grip; the four fingers are on the top, the thumb is under the water scraper, and the excess material scraped off by the water scraper is transferred to the sponge. Within half an hour: Wipe the residual glue on the tiles on both sides of the tile gap with a damp towel.


Third, what are the colors of the beautiful seam glue?

1, metal series

Common colors are: enamel gold, noble gold, etc.; its color is bright and full, and has a strong metal texture; rich European, French home style can use this, can create a rich, luxurious atmosphere for the home!

2, bright series

The main colors include: pure white, ivory white, moonlight silver, black pearl, gem orchid, etc., mainly used with bright bricks such as vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, etc. The texture of this collection is transparent and bright.

3, matt series

The main colors are matt black, matt white, etc.; mainly used for antique bricks and matt bricks, the color texture is more true, the color is low-key and delicate, not exaggerated, not very dazzling, very elegant, retro taste!

Today, the introduction of the beauty seam glue is introduced to everyone here. I hope that the above introduction can bring you some help, let everyone correctly recognize the beautiful seam glue, and then use it reasonably to beautify our home. Thank you for reading, I want to know more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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