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Over-the-counter overburden is very common, and the budget always looks so beautiful, so saving money is one of the most concerned issues for all owners. In addition to the bargaining with the decoration company, there is not much to worry about in the purchase of building materials. When the ceramic tile becomes an indispensable building material for every household, how can it be cheaper under the premise of quality and quantity? Through the field visits of Xiaobian, in fact, after mastering the carefully calculated doorway, it can save a lot.

"Ground wall" is very popular brick cutting can be on the wall

The whole home has always been concerned with the harmonious equipment. The perfect style is very famous. In the kitchen and bathroom with high tile usage rate, the purchase concept of the floor wall is quite popular. As the name implies, the floor wall is to extend the floor tiles to the wall, and the floor tiles and wall tiles directly purchase the same bricks. The colors and materials are the same and the dimensions are slightly different. Of course, some consumers only buy completely identical bricks, and they can be laid on the floor. Under reasonable design, the matching effect is very good.

In the major tile brands, Xiao Bian has seen a variety of bricks suitable for the upper wall, but the price difference between floor tiles and wall tiles in the same area, the wall tiles are slightly more expensive. If you have a limited budget, you can cut the floor tiles through the DIY design and put them on the wall tiles. This can save a lot.

DIY design cutting and saving money, consumers are very good at buying

Xiaobian in the major tile brands to understand the situation related to the ground wall, a tile sales staff told Xiaobian, the living room floor tiles were cut and attached to the wall is now a lot of decoration owners, consumers are very bought, not only kitchen and bathroom Walls can be attached, and some are attached to the wall in other places in the home. Saving money is one of the most important reasons. It is generally promoted by consumers with limited budgets for home furnishings.

A consumer who is in the store to choose bricks and prepare for DIY cutting has calculated the account for Xiaobian. He bought a 600*600 floor tile at the price of 32 pieces, matching the same color and material 300*600 specifications. Each wall of the wall tile needs 20 yuan, and the floor tile can be turned into two wall tiles by cutting, which saves 22 yuan per square.

Processing PK tile manufacturers processing and processing fees vary from home to family

If you want to save money, then cut the floor tiles and put them on the wall. But how will the cutting process be completed?

According to Xiaobian, the general construction workers have a large cutting loss, some bricks are hard to break when cutting, and the size can not be guaranteed. A tile salesperson joked: "The savings of brick money may not be enough. I am cutting my waste."

Please ask the home improvement workers to cut a lot of problems, so what should consumers do? Xiaobian through the visit to find out, the general tile dealers will provide the corresponding services for cutting, but each charge varies. For simple cutting costs, Nobel cuts one meter for 3 yuan, and Marco Polo charges 10% of the total price of the cut bricks. Dongpeng Ceramics provides free access to consumers who buy ceramic tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and balconies. Cutting service.

Home improvement is a very expensive project for ordinary families. In fact, in full play of DIY spirit in all aspects, it will solve your home's value for money.

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