"zero radiation" stone does not exist

"zero radiation" stone does not exist Through online search found that many businesses homepage, online shopping malls have played "zero radiation" slogan: zero radiation natural ultrathin travertine, no radiation imported granite, European ecological stone ... ... reporter found during the visit, these stone The selling price is often over a thousand dollars. From time to time, consumers come to the shop to inquire. “Kitchen countertops, washbasins, window sills, etc. must be stone-reliable and dirt-repellent. However, they are really worried about radiation. They often see the news that radiation causes various diseases. I do not know what to buy in the end.” Consumers reluctantly said.

All the stones will have radiation. On the one hand, stone merchants “zero radiation” high-profile propaganda, on the other hand, consumers are extremely scared of stone radiation: “radioactive stone will not only lead to infertility, but even cause cancer”, “radioactivity of stone triggers leukemia. "The news is often seen in networks and media.

According to media reports, on August 29, 2012, a 12-year-old girl died of leukemia. His father's memories are likely to have been completely renovated. After examination, the doctor said that the occurrence of leukemia is related to the presence of radioactive radiation in the environment. If natural stone contains more radioactive material, it may cause leukemia. In 2002, Mr. Huang and his newly-married wife lived in newly renovated new homes. Couples had been infertile since a couple of years later. After the inspection, Mr. Huang discovered that he had received excessive radioactive radiation, resulting in a low sperm survival rate. After testing by the environmental protection agency, it was found that the bathroom of the new house was decorated with some kind of granite material, and the radioactive radiation inside it was seriously exceeded.

Then, how is the radiation condition of stone used for home improvement?

Hu Yunlin, senior engineer of the Ceramics and Stone Detection Department of the National Building Material Testing Center, told reporters that qualified stone can be used properly. “Because the inspection may have errors, even if the inspection is qualified, it cannot be said that the stone is zero radiation.” Any material from the formation All have radioactive, natural stone is the same, but the difference between high and low. There are two kinds of hazards to natural radiation from natural stone: one is the decay of radionuclides in the stone, which releases X-rays and causes external exposure to the human body. This long-term low-dose external exposure can harm red bone marrow, bone, thyroid and breast glands. The organ, which induces cancer or leukemia, has a very low probability of occurrence; the other is the release of sputum which causes internal exposure to the human body, and sputum, which is classified as one of the 19 carcinogens, may induce lung cancer.

In 2001, the National Standard for Radionuclide Limits of Building Materials promulgated by China, according to the radioactive level of the decoration materials, the products were divided into three categories: The use of Class A decoration materials is not limited; Class B decoration materials are not applicable to I The interior of a civil building, but it can be used for the exterior and interior facades of all other buildings. Class C decoration materials can only be used for exterior finishes and other outdoor uses of buildings.

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